The estate is situated in the area known as “Es Pla de Biniali”, within the appellation of “Es Raiguer”, in the centre of the island of Majorca. It was originally planted in 1997 on espaliers and with automatic irrigation; but today, in light of the scarcity of water on the island, it is not watered and boasts the perfect adaptation of the native varieties of Prensal Blanc and Mantonegro, producing fruit of high quality and concentration. Its yield is approximately between 34 and 41 hectolitres/hectare, which is very much under the yield level authorised by the D.O. Binissalem to which our vineyard belongs.

We do not use pesticides or synthesised chemical products in the vineyard so as to respect the purity of our soil and the environment at large.

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Our facilities are located in the middle of the estate, built onto the original stone storeroom for agricultural implements. Today it houses temperature-controlled stainless steel vats of different sizes, grape selection table, a state-of-the-art pneumatic press and all the items required to produce a high quality wine.

The modern underground cellar was completed in 2012, where our wine wines are aged and stored.

We also have a small laboratory to enable immediate on-site control of the various production processes.      

The size and yield of AVA Vi renders it a “Boutique Winery”, producing and selling high quality wines under the premises of ‘Less is More’. We also have a tasting room in the original structure to offer tastings for small groups.



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