The estate is situated in the area known as “Es Pla de Biniali,” within the appellation of “Es Raiguer,” in the heart of the island of Majorca. It was initially planted in 1997 on espaliers and with automatic irrigation. However, today, in light of the water scarcity on the island, the vines are not irrigated. 

The heat and the lack of water create the perfect conditions to promote the adaptation of native varieties (Prensal Blanc and Mantonegro), yielding high-quality berries, with a higher concentration of fruity aromas. Its yield is approximately between 34 and 41 hectolitres/hectare, which is considerably under the yield production authorized by the I.G.P. Vi de la Tierra Mallorca, to which our vineyard belongs.

We work on sustainable viticulture, avoiding pesticides or synthesized chemical products in the vineyard to respect the integrity of our soil and the surrounding biodiversity.

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We like to consider ourselves as a “Boutique Winery”: the size of the estate and the limited production, but most importantly, the time and care we place in our wines and customers. The vineyards surround our facilities. The pale natural colors aim to integrate into the landscape, harmonizing the view.

Today, we have a small elaboration room where temperature control is the keyword: Stainless steel vats, a grape selection table, a pneumatic press, and all the machines needed to produce fine wines with minimum intervention. 

Our charming tasting room is located in the original walls of the old farmhouse, welcoming small groups. 

The modern underground cellar was completed in 2012, where our wine wines are aged and stored to reach complexity and elegance.

We also have a small laboratory for on-site control of the winemaking processes.      
One of our mottos is: ‘Less is More.’ We favor less production but highly focus on the quality and the stories behind our wines.



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