TRIAVA Heritage 2020

“Vino de Guarda” this is the style of the TRIAVA family, selecting the best of our varieties to give a further twist and try to extract all the potential that they contain, touching the limits of the known.

43.00  IVA incl.



Grape Varieties:
40% Cabernet Sauvignon
40% Merlot
20% others
Alcohol content:
14,5% vol
860 bottels 75 cl.

The style of the TRIAVA family is to select the best of our varieties and give them a twist. We try to extract all the potential that they contain bordering the limits of what is known.”
The Merlot was harvested in the third week of August with the perfect phenolic maturity and alcohol content, as well as
the Cabernet Sauvignon and other varieties that were harvested in the last week of September.

The day/night temperature change during the ripening period favored the perfect polymerization of tannins and
anthocyanins, which in the end facilitated the perfect evolution of the wine in the winery. The juice fermented in open barrels at the optimum time for each variety. This slow process helps to achieve the perfect evolution of the wine, which undergoes a light crushing with the intention of extracting only the softest and most elegant tannins of the varieties once the alcoholic fermentation is finished.

Once the fermentation is finished (5 or 6 weeks), we proceed to a light pressing of the pomace. Once the varieties are
assembled, the wine is placed in new French oak barrels of different toasts where it remains without any racking for 22

After different tastings, we decided to bottle the four barrels. Light filtering in January 2020 and following bottling.

FOOD PAIRING: Stewed meats.

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