TRIAVA Heritage 2015

La vendimia del Merlot se realizó en la ultima semana del mes de agosto con una madurez fenólica perfecta y un grado alcohólico contenido.




50% Cabernet Sauvignon
50% Merlot


13,50% vol.

1000 bottles 75 cl.

The TRIAVA family are Concept Wines, that is, a style made by selecting the best of our varieties and extracting their utmost potential. The Merlot grapes were harvested during the last week in August with an excellent phenolic maturity and a grade similar to that of the Cabernet Sauvignon that was harvested during the second week of September. The day/night thermal change during the ripening season favoured an optimal level of tannins and anthocyanins, in turn assuring an excellent evolution of the wine.

This wine has been made by fermenting each variety separately in open barrels, a slower process which allows an ideal development and the ability to extract only the smoothest and most elegant tannins of each grape. After fermentation (4 weeks), the wine was lightly pressed and this was added to must before blending. The wine was then aged in new French oak barrels with different toastings for 27 months. After several tastings, we decided to bottle the four barrels after light filtering in January 2018.