AVANERO “X Aniversari” 2019

The first wine of our “limited editions”: A celebration of the 10th harvest anniversary of our winery.

A powerful combination of bold character and smoothness. 

AVANERO is the most personal wine style of our winery due to the uniqueness of the wines.

In AVANERO, we create wines free from any standards. The only rules are that the wine must be unique, different, and challenging to replicate. 


38.00  IVA incl.

I.G.P. Edición Limitada MALLORCA

Grape varieties:
Mantonegro, Cabernet y Merlot
Alcohol Content:
14% Vol.
528 bottles 75 cl.

This wine inaugurates our “limited edition” and celebrates the 10th anniversary of AVA Vi. It marks the beginning of our line AVANERO,  created to be without obligations.

The vintage 2019 was perfect for the ripening of the grapes. In addition, the ideal climate conditions delivered a Mantonegro that was so special that it was used in the blending for our TRIAVA HERITAGE 2019.

We managed to combine elegance and power in a wine. A perfect balance of alcohol and acidity will show the results of the barrel-aging and soft punch-downs within a few months in the bottle. The elaboration of AVANERO X Aniversari converted the rustic character of the varieties into a velvety wine on our palate.


Cherry red with garnet glints, medium intensity, clean and bright.
Aromatically dominated by red fruits and hints of cherry stone.
In the mouth, the attack is friendly and direct with an atypical freshness binging to the aftertaste of medium
length, enjoyable, and frank.

Suggested Temperature: Around 18ºC.

Suggested Consumption: 2021/2030

Food Pairing: Stewed cheeksthickus stews and raw blue fish (Sashimi).

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