AVANERO “Giro Ros” 2021

Giro Ros: a local variety with an intriguing character. A barrel-fermented wine, smooth with a creamy mouthfeel. 

AVANERO is the most personal wine style of our winery due to the uniqueness of the wines.

In AVANERO, we create wines free from any standards. The only rules are that the wine must be unique, different, and challenging to replicate. 

38.00  IVA incl.


I.G.P. “Vino de Parcela” MALLORCA

Grape varieties:
100% Giro Ros
Alcohol content:
13% Vol.
576 bottles 75 cl.

AVANERO Giro Ros comes from our low-yielding vineyard, parcel 44, also called “Finca des Pla.”
2,500 vines, 8 years old, of the recently recovered Giro Ros. With its unique character, Giro Ros is a fascinating local variety to showcase the island’s character.

The grapes were harvested in September at their perfect ripening stage. After a soft press, the juice ferments and ages for nine months in barrels of 500 liters of French oak. The open barrel fermentation allows the oak to integrate with the primary aromas of the Giro Ros fully. The wine was bottled in June after a light filtering.

Pale yellow with glints of gold, clean and bright. Aromatically it’s dominated by ripe fruits and a slightly smoky undertone. The attack is friendly and creamy on the palate, with a broad mouthfeel and a medium-long aftertaste.

Suggested Temperature: Around 8ºC.
Suggested Consumption: 2022-28
Food pairing: Oily oven-baked fish.

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