• Un tast al celler AVA VI

    A tasting at the AVA VI winery

    Tasting at a winery is an attractive experience. You know that you will drink good wine, accompanied by good food, and that you will almost certainly leave happy and satisfied. This does not mean that there can be no surprises or that all the tastes are the same, or very lacking.

    With the Serra de Tramuntana behind us, we arrive at the Es Pla de Biniali estate, in the Es Raiguer region, where the AVA Vi winery is located. Julio, sommelier and today master of ceremonies, welcomes us, loaded with a good handful of figs that he has just picked for the occasion. Presentations aside, Julio sets to work to give us all the details about the winery and the wine they make there. The ambassador of the winery does not skimp on details, he talks about the mantonegro, the white press and the callet as the main indigenous varieties they work with, as well as the main international references to try to locate and understand a little better the differences most notable.

    Explanations soon return declarations of love and intent. A way of understanding wine in which experience is not enough as a starting point. Julio confesses his gratitude to Thomas and Alexandra Neumann. They are the owners of the winery and as such demand quality and performance from their products but are dreamy and accept that excellence involves risk and patience. And this is precisely what Julio conveys to us, his constant search for unknown paths or to put it another way, the sommelier with the help of the oenologist Tomeu Llabrés seeks how to break down the barriers of indigenous varieties that they have.

    A torrent of information overwhelms us and Julio knows it’s time to show where his dreams are, bold but real and palpable. After showing us the tanks we go down to where the wine is that is in the period of aging inside the barrels. Julio plays with us and introduces us to a white press that is forming in a new boot. Then, to try to understand his game, he makes us taste another white press, this one, in a boot with a few uses. The truth is hard to understand, but all this is perceived, which is what this game is about. The nuances, the tempos, the values ​​of the same wine, reinforced or stripped by the boot where they are formed. We enjoy being part of those secrets, stories and nerves that he confesses to us behind every vintage.

    The evening leads us to a well-stocked table, with food to accompany the different tastings that we will enjoy below. I don’t know if it’s the effect of the wine but I doubt if it’s the sun that’s hiding or if it’s the Sierra that has grown and stood in front of it so as not to miss every detail. The afternoon has taken place in an evening that passes between white presses, alleys and black coats. White, pink and black. Valuable and precious small productions that, to Julio’s satisfaction, have a very good start and augur well to reach the sales forecasts for this strange and intense 2021.



  • Cata vertical

    Bodega AVA Vi en colaboracion con El Bandarra Palma e Isla Catavinos hacen una “Cata Vertical” de uno de nuestros vinos mas emblematicos AVA Seleccio en 3 diferentes añadas 2016, 2017 y 2018 (añada que estara disponible a partir de Diciembre de este año)
    Para la bodega es un placer poder maridar nuestros vinos con el que es considerado “El rey de los Pitxos” en mallorca Igor Rodriguez y poder mostrar el poder de evolucion que tiene nuestra variedad fetiche “S.A.R. la Mantonegro”.
  • “Three-way pairing” con Santi Taura, Julio Torres y Joan Arboix

    “Three-way pairing” is the name of the new section that Vadevi opens in the Balearic Islands to promote the local product and above all to give visibility to the work carried out daily by processors and restaurateurs in Mallorca, affected as many sectors by the pandemic crisis current.

    The premiere is starred by a luxury team: Chef Santi Taura, sommelier Joan Arboix, both from DINS * Michelin Restaurant and Julio Torres, from our Ava Vi Winery -based in Sencelles- propose a magical combination between the recipe for black pork with capers, with hints of lemon and a chopped almond and AVANERO Giro Ros 2019.

  • Primeras botellas en Londres

    The first bottles of ANAVA …a cercar un Somni Rosat 2019 arrive in London and are received by @sommzsofi Asistand Head Sommelier of the 67 Pall Mall, The Best Wine Club in the World. 
    We are proud and excited!
  • NOVEDAD en Bodega AVA Vi


    NEW Wine. We launched the FIRST Rosé de Mantonegro aged in oak “limited edition”.

    “ANAVA … a cercar un somni Rosat” was born from our passionate search to value the queen variety of the “Mantonegro” area and its potential to produce a Great Rosé Wine. Coming from a single plot, in this case the last year of production of the P.40 Sur planted in 1997 and eliminated in December 2019.

    Harvested at the end of August 2019, after being destemmed we proceed to a direct, soft and fast press to make a fermentation in stainless steel at low temperature, after the fermentation we proceed to a racking to eliminate the thick lees and keep the must in contact on its fine lees for 5 months before going on to the aging phase in French oak barrels for 6 months before bottling in December 2020.

  • Grupo Santi Taura

    Para despedir este año tan complicado os presentamos a nuestros buenos amigos del Grupo Santi Taura y lo hacemos para demostrar que la Constacia tiene su Recompensa.
    Enhorabuena a Santi Taura por su mas que merecida y esperada *Michelin para @dinssantitaura en @hotelelllorenc
    Enhorabuena a nuestro amigo Joan Arboix @joanet112, responsable de F&B  por su gran trabajo en sala y la confianza en nuestros vinos.
  • GUIA Peñin 2021

    Encantados de iniciar el año compartiendo nuestras puntuaciones en la GUIA Peñin 2021 (Decana de las Guias de Vino en España) 

    Todos nuestros vinos pasan con Notable Alto.

    Prometemos seguir trabajando para superarnos el proximo año.

    AVA NEGRE 17
    Gia Peñin Negre 17 89P
    AVA S17ok
    Guia Peñin Seleccio 17 90P
    avanero mn petit
    Guia Peñin Avanero Mantonegro 18 90P
    Guia Peñin Triava Blanc18 92P
    TRIAVA Heritage 15ok
    Guia Peñin Triava Hritage 15 91P
  • Prospero 2021

    En estas fechas tan especiales y después de haber superado este año 2020 tan complicado queremos agradecer a nuestros clientes y amigos su
    apoyo incondicional. Sin duda son todos los que están, aunque seguro que no están todos los son.


    ETERNAMENTE AGRADECIDOS os deseamos un Prospero 2021.

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